Mathematics at SAIL Secondary

The Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning (SAIL) is a twelve month public school.

Please go to our SAIL Math Courses options and pathways diagram below to see if one of our Math courses is something you may be interested in.  

SAIL Math Courses

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our Math teachers with any questions or concerns. 


Each of the students in the video below have taken multiple Math classes with us.

SAIL originally opened in 2004 as the Surrey Connect Home Learners Program. The Math Department Head in those initial years, until 2012, was Brad McArthur. He is currently retired from the Surrey school district and the VP of Sales & Marketing for the online Math textbook Content Connections which is used in our Math courses.  

SAIL was born out of Surrey Connect in 2015 and currently our Math Department teaches both full time SAIL students and those cross enrolled with other schools. This includes adults, high school aged and elementary aged children. 

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